Refund Policy

The Bahrain Life places a high priority on customer satisfaction. Kindly contact The Bahrain Life through our live chat if you are experiencing an issue with your commodities (Products and Services) order, and we will be delighted to assist you.

The Bahrain Life will give full or partial refunds in the relevant circumstances if you have previously been charged by The Bahrain Life on behalf of the Merchant. If any of the circumstances matter: you did not get your order, a complete refund may be made to you; if any component of your purchase is missing, a partial refund may be made to you. Each time, we will consider all relevant data, including the specifications of the order, and we'll strive to achieve your satisfaction. You will receive your return as a The Bahrain Life credit on your bank account to the original source of payment. Before the Vendor accepts the order, you can cancel it for a full refund. If you need to cancel the order after the Merchant has accepted it, please get in touch with us by using the live chat on the Platform. In the case that you cancel the order once it has been approved, The Bahrain Life maintains the right to refuse to offer a full or partial refund.

After delivery, if the customer is still unsatisfied with their purchase, they must observe the vendor's return procedure. Due to the implementation of The Bahrain Life General Terms & Conditions in contrast to its Vendors Terms and Conditions, most vendors offer a return policy consistent with The Bahrain Life, but it may still differ. Customers are urged to familiarise themselves with the vendor's return and refund policy before making a purchase. This information can be found on the vendor's profile page.

The Bahrain Life, as a seller, enables returns within 7 to 14 days, based on the type and kind of the commodities (Products and Services), given that the commodities is in excellent condition, unused, and has all of its full packaging, tags, certifications, and papers, and that it is not a non-returnable item. Therefore, before committing to a purchase, the consumer must review the individual return policies for each item/category.

The consumer is responsible for the return and delivery charges if the return is performed for another reason than The Bahrain Life's fault.

The Bahrain Life will reimburse the charges of returning, distributing, repairing, and any other expenses required in retrieving the commodities (Products and Services) if the return is the result of a mistake made by The Bahrain Life; otherwise, the customer will get a refund.

Return is appropriate based to the following conditions:

  • The item is damaged/broken, faulty, false, or different from what the vendor stated it would be.
  • The wrong product or service was delivered.
  • Uncertainty or dissatisfaction.

Within 15 days of delivery, the customer must inform the vendor of any faulty goods. At the moment of delivery, the customer must contact the vendor right once if any goods are damaged, fake, or are not as stated.

Following notification, the seller must evaluate the flaw or damage and either replace the item, fix it, or return it to the customer with a full refund.

The customer must get in touch with the vendor right once after receiving the incorrect goods or services in order to schedule for a return and redelivery or a return with a full refund.

When the return is confirmed, the seller will ask the carrier to pick up the returned goods.

If a return is made for a purpose other than the vendor's fault, the customer is responsible for paying the delivery fees for both the delivery and the return unless the vendor agrees to waive them (s). The vendor's policy is thus applicable to the return charge.

The method and process of refund depends on the payment method used for purchase:

  • Credit/Debit Card: According on the state of the purchase, The Bahrain Life could be able to refund payments directly to the original bank account in 5–20 business days.

The Bahrain Life Non-Returnable Items:

The ability to return a commodities (Products and Services) depends on its type and kind, therefore the customer should review the return policies before making a purchase.

Items that are generally not returnable include, but are not restricted to:

  • Clearance products with a "no returns" label.
  • Grocery products.
  • Flowers and plants.
  • Food and beverages.
  • Personal care, hygiene, and health goods.
  • Beauty Products.
  • Jewellery.
  • Products without a UPC or serial number.
  • Products with retail packaging, seals, or boxes that have been opened, or that lack any tags or labelling.
  • Products that are not in their original state, whether they are utilised or damaged.

The refund will be through original method only .