Privacy Policy

The Bahrain Life values your privacy, thus when you visit the platform, your Personal Data will be handled carefully and securely. We will take appropriate measures to safeguard your information.

eCOMMERCE OFFERS: Marketplace for best selected customized offerings in all segments and areas of interest at the best sales commission in the Kingdom.

Vendors: Business owners who join The Bahrain Life to market their goods online.

Visitor, Guest: Any user of our website, including but not restricted to users, who accesses any page.

Customer: Individual logging in with a third-party account is deemed to have created an account with The Bahrain Life.

Third-party service: Services utilized by The Bahrain Life which are operated and managed by other companies.

1. Data collected

Our method to data collection is to not gather and keep any personally identifiable information from our users except if they create an account and choose to provide us with personally identifying information (opt-in). When an user creates an account and uses our platform, we aim to collect the bare minimum of data necessary to serve the user and provide the service.

1.1 Browser information 

We collect data about your hardware and software, including the identity of your browser, operating system, screen resolution, language, and other details, in our database. We also transfer this data to third-party services we use for analysis.  We don't present any personally identifiable information to third-party services directly, however some of them might be able to individually recognize an user based on data they have on that visitor from other platforms that utilise the same service.

1.2 IP Address

We utilise the first two components of your IP address—which are not individually identifying—to mask it, making it possible for us to determine the general location of our visitors and their ISPs. We make changes to our service based on this information to better satisfy consumer demand. Additionally, we share this data with our third-party service providers. From all of our visitors, including guests, we gather this information.

1.3 Account information

When logging in using a third-party account (Google, Facebook, or Twitter), we store your public profile information in our database, which is restricted to your name, email address, and profile picture. We do not collect your posts or any other personal data from the third-party accounts; instead, we use the data our customers give us to serve them and for marketing purposes.

We never save raw passwords anywhere in our system; all of our clients' credentials are completely encrypted using a one-way encryption method.

1.4 Data access

Our employees have access to all the information we have on our visitors and customers. We also provide our suppliers and delivery couriers with pertinent information about our clients and visitors, but we have no control over how they use or keep that information.

2 Data Storage

Most of the information we collect is kept in our database, which only The Bahrain Life has reference to, but some of it is kept on the databases of other service providers.