About us

The Bahrain Life is a marketplace developed by a group of passionate experts with an accumulative experience of 100+ years in the fields of Marketing, Food, Culture, Concept Development, Media Management, and Event Planning, accompanied by a full and competent understanding of local and regional client’s needs and customer behavior.

The Bahrain Life provides a novel digital medium through which enterprises, businesses, and retailers can operate in their associated expertise and respective industries, which include banking, freelancing, and retailing. Thus, as an e-commerce platform, it invites businesses from all types of sectors to function in a more sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

In the era of innovative technology, advanced digitization, and the widespread adoption of e-commerce, The Bahrain Life proposes a new vision of transforming business and consumer behavior whilst contributing to the (National E-Commerce Strategy). This is by supporting the national strategy’s main purpose and creating a sustainable e-commerce platform that innovates the overall business conduct scheme within the Kingdom. The e-commerce of The Bahrain Life focuses on the pillars of:

• Tourism and online-tourism

• E-commerce businesses (B2C)

• Empower start-ups and entrepreneur’s online businesses

• Digitization

Objectives of The Bahrain Life:

• Regulating and fostering the e-commerce business in Bahrain

• Attracting partners and retailers in the kingdom

• Attraction destination for international companies

• Improving the e-commerce performance and consumer online behaviors

• Reinforcing tourism in Bahrain

The Bahrain Life utilizes a specific business model that is crafted to provide consumers with competitive deals on goods and services with no associated fees. Making it the ultimate platform serving locals, residents, and visitors of the Kingdom with numerous attractive offers and exclusive deals across all types of business sectors.


The Bahrain Life involves 100+ social media influencers (Foodies, Fashionistas, Bloggers, Sports Trainers, Professionals, Media Figures, Model,.. etc) reaching 50+ Million social media users in the GCC and promoting 200+ Business Vendors with 2000+ products & services at special offers in 18 business sectors. Thus, the platform prides itself in providing:

• Increased trading

• Year-round sales and marketing

• Zero risk policy

The Bahrain Life Services:

eCOMMERCE OFFERS: Marketplace for best selected customized offerings in all segments and areas of interest at the best sales commission in the Kingdom.

MARKETING SERVICES: Offering business vendors unique consultancy services on creating the best marketing strategies.

EVENTS: Hosting special events & entertainment to help tourism, businesses corporate, and social events; thus, becoming a local partner to the associated authorities in Bahrain within its respective fields.

ADVERTISEMENT: Competitive advertising packages tailored for each segment of the market.

SPONSORSHIP: Special corporate sponsorship packages to help in presenting business vendors as the face of Bahrain in its respective terms.

Strategic Partnership with Al Salam Bank:

The Bahrain Life provides a special discount to all +200K Al Salam Bank or Ithmaar Bank (Consumer Banking owned and operated by Al Salam Bank) Debit, Prepaid, and Credit Cards to get this exclusive offer immediately.

Supporting Tourism Sector in Bahrain

The Bahrain Life will be targeting to play the role of a Local E-commerce partner and business promoter to the government tourism plan (The Bahrain Recovery Strategy agendas in the tourism sector) whilst supporting the Bahrain 2030 vision. This will promote business growth and high recognitions to showcase Bahrain as an attractive destination to neighboring countries which will eventually lead to national economic prosperity. 


E-commerce quickly proved its value despite fears that lack of social presence and interaction would discourage shoppers from choosing online over brick-and-mortar. Thanks in part to social media, we can have both (sort of).

The importance of being present on social media platforms is already a firmly established part of every brand’s marketing strategy. However, today’s advancements have added a commerce component to facilitate shopping electronic platforms.

Ali Sabkar, Founder & CEO.

The Special Life w.l.l.